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Logo Design / ロゴデザイン

Uekusa DentalIdentity Design for the dental clinic in Ota-ku Tokyo, Uekusa Dental was the one of our recent projects which portrays nature and ocean reflecting the head doctor (Dr. Uekusa)’s warm personality. He enjoys surfing in his private time. The clinic is due to open this week.

We were asked to be responsible for supporting of creation of overall appearance of the clinic, such as logo, interior color coordination and exterior glass panel design that harmonize with each other. The concept of the logo mark puts a strong focus on ocean “waves” elements based on the shape of the initial letter U (of Uekusa Dental) also being led by illustrating the arch going over the teeth which expresses sky and tooth brush are to convey friendly one to one dental care and support for their patients.

interior designOverall view of the logo mark represents “O” of oral and tube (terms used by surfers) to symbolize the head doctor’s promise of “All IN ONE” total dentistry that will be offered to all the patients.

interior designTo create a space where patients can feel nature and ocean, we used sophisticated glass panel design expressing sea water on the beach while keeping privacy inside the clinic. To make patients feel relaxed, we worked closely with Dr. Uekusa to carefully select the type, color of furniture, interior decoration and opacity of the glass films. Basically everything.

About Uekusa Dental Clinic

Logo DesignWe want to deliver all the patients healthy smiles and peace of mind by maintaining the latest dentistry technology. We are proud of our dental practice that emphasizes minimal intervention to each patient’s oral health condition. The clinic has a variety of standard and specialist services from cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic and implant to whitening. We ensure you receive advanced dental care that recovers the original beauty of your teeth.

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