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A new logo is ready to present! This logo mark highlights the new identity of Tokyo portraying popular Bay Area (starting from Asakusa) which, in recent years, has been in focus of central city development in particular towards 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Tokyo is a beautiful city that is surrounded by water, green and buildings. It is symbiosis of nature and modern civilization. Today we would like to share with you one of the important point when we design logo marks.

During our design development process, we always try to consider how the logo mark will be displayed on different media platforms when it is finalized. This is only a standard practice of logo development if you are a designer but we would like to explain the reason behind. Here is the reason for you. Unfortunately the logo that you took time and effort to design is very unlikely to be presented as a single element. This may be sad but most of time it is actively displayed on business cards, brochures and website together with other contents including photos, illustration, charts and colored elements or backgrounds. Even the pin badge engraving logo for employees to use will be put on suits jacket.

Company StationeryTherefore the logo is always visible together with something on targeted medias. If you think some logos are boring and too plain because of having 1 or 2 colors, please don’t worry! They say simple is the best:-) It is actually other way around, logo exists to support main contents which are output together with logo. Although it can be said that logo is a face of company, at the same time logo serves to work behind the scenes to support the success of the company. Especially in marketing, when it is comes to the stage where you are introducing company services or products, the logo isn’t that important (off the customer’s sight / should not be the central focus). If not, consider your logo has a It is still strong identity of your company but that should be all. Keeping the logo design as simple and iconic as possible always works for the best. In terms of color coordination, it can be more important to seek for what color schemes are employed on other contents or elements go together well with logo mark.

Considering the above, although it depends on the request of the clients, we strive to achieve the logo design that can be expressed in one single line. (Let’s say as if it’s a form of stamp surface to print but of course some design styles are impossible to illustrate this way..) As a result, those logos enhance their usage capability over the wide range of media platforms.

We offer free consultation for your logo design project. Please freely share your idea of logo design with us today.

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