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Cross Impress

“Cross Impress”! It’s a really good name isn’t it? This logo mark was designed using my free time and it is for a fictitious company. Deciding the name was the difficult part, though suddenly, after 2 to 3 hours, I could come up with this naming.

As you see, it’s a printing company, so I used the 4 colors of CMYK inside the logo mark. The design concept is Let’s be impressed by each other and share the feeling “spreading it outwards!”. I visualize the message.

I visualized the message, and then I acquired the domain name “” because the name wasn’t being used but after that, I thought it might have been too far for just a fictitious company!

Anyhow, even if I don’t use this mark, I still think about making “CROSS IMPRESS” real but, with 99% probability, it won’t be a printing company!

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TMCreation is a design studio run by Toshihiro Maruyama specializing in creating corporate identities. Toshihiro focuses on the visualization of conceptual ideas and is also a front-end web designer & developer with a background in sales and marketing. Currently he lives in the Gold Coast QLD in Australia and successfully works with clients both in Japan and Australia.

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