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Are you considering having a company website when you start a new business? Then you should build a website that is accessible and maintainable based on international web standards compliance. It is important to recognize that websites show their value after they start being utilized. Sometimes companies are satisfied with just owning a website, but that is not really enough. Think of your car, your car can only fulfill its duty when it’s being driven and used to carry things, not when it is sitting in your garage. Well “our websites are like the car that is being driven, not the car sitting in the garage!”  TMCreation will create for you a website which is cost effective, accessible and functional by listening carefully to your needs and base the design on how you want to utilize your website. It may be just to introduce company’s profile online, to gain the trust of potential clients, or it could be to work with your business partners or to open up new business opportunities such as an online shop.

Role of website and importance of design

What is the role of a website? It may vary depending on who is talking about it. One person may say “a website is nothing special, just an online version of a company’s brochure” while another person may say “a website is like a 24-hour company reception”. Both explanations are great as a website can be said to be like a box that publishes or advertises information which an individual or company wants to let people know.

So if websites are thought of as boxes, there may be empty boxes or boxes filled with lots of stuff. What’s inside is, of course, important but the box is also important too because if the appearance of the boxes doesn’t reflect well on the content of the boxes, it may result in not being able to get 100% of the potential from the contents in the boxes. In such cases, the provider of the contents might not be able to get the expected results from the contents. But if there is no contradiction between the box itself and contents inside the box, meaning that the contents are viewed to their best potential for the intended situation of the contents provider, the value of the contents can actually become 2 or 3 times higher. This is why it is important to carefully plan the specifications of the box, along with its appearance, to reflect the company’s identity. The company should recognize it as part of their marketing strategy in order to sustain their brand image. Making it easy for users to find published contents laid out in a well-designed website can contribute to the company’s brand value increasing.

SEO is necessity to conduct online marketing

Have you heard the term “SEO”? SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimization”. This is done to create the most appropriate environment for search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and Google.

The result of this is to make your site appear in a higher position in the search results based on common keywords that people use. In you go to bookshops, or even just browse on the internet, to look for the term SEO you see many resources. Some make it sound like it is an easy thing to do, however it is more difficult than we imagine to do it well. Let us compare this to a garden! SEO is like optimizing the conditions for growing strong plants. There needs to be enough nourishment in the soil, along with water and people to take care of them. SEO is like this. The manager of the website has to think proactively about how to utilize the website as a marketing tool “how to make it bear fruit”. SEO has now become a necessary marketing method in any company that has a website. In other words, SEO also plays the same important role as the other P.R. activities in which the public relations department of a company engage. Nowadays, it is necessary to utilize social media such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook to drive a company’s marketing activities on the internet.

Although we don’t currently offer SEO as part of our services, our experience with it previously allows us to create a website that is an appropriate and strong environment for SEO, and we will give you free advice on how to improve your sites ranking. We will prepare the plot so that you can enjoy the gardening!

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