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Portable Music PlayerThe Portable Music Icon is the one of the icons inside the icon package named “AQUA BIZ” which was presented by TMCreation in 2009. This image is the high resolution version. Normally when I’m creating icons, my work flow  envolves drawing the foundation of each icon in Adobe Illustrator then exporting them to Photoshop to make them refined, but this icon was completed within Adobe Illustrator before taking the image data to Photoshop.  I’m quite happy with the quality of this icon so I’d like you to have the high resolution file of the image in PNG format! The background of the image file is transparent. Please save it to your computer from this browser page view.

** Attention ** The icon file is not copyright free. Please do not use, alter or distribute this file for commercial purposes. If you are using the file on your own project for non commercial purposes, it is up to you to modify the files or use as it is. If you are to use for commercial purposes, please let us know the detailed purpose of the project, we might be able to provide you with the original data in vector format. It is free to use, but in such a case, you must keep the “Designed by TMCreation” credit somewhere.

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TMCreation is a design studio run by Toshihiro Maruyama specializing in creating corporate identities. Toshihiro focuses on the visualization of conceptual ideas and is also a front-end web designer & developer with a background in sales and marketing. Currently he lives in the Gold Coast QLD in Australia and successfully works with clients both in Japan and Australia.

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  1. Robot Runner Reply

    This is awesome!! Maybe you can also design a phone based on this music player!:-)

  2. Toshi Reply

    Thank you for your comment! Yeah I think I should find time to create it!! 🙂

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