Working with usAt TMCreation (Logo Design Tokyo), we offer the best design solution to our customers who look for logo mark design, web design and custom made system development. They are carefully designed to match with customer’s products or services. Most importantly they will be designed based on customers marketing strategy. Also now we are printing name cards with 4 color offset printing (plus spot uv coating). Please feel free to ask for our service details.

Design a strong identity for your company

identityHave you ever experienced that when buying services or products, we tend to choose them depending on their package or appearence? This is because the information you are getting is input visually and evokes images that you have already seen or experienced, and this leads you to further interest from that stage.

eyeIn modern medical science, it is said that memories, such as the colors, shapes and the impression of things, received through the visual system, can be transmitted to our human brain directly better than text based information. This is the reason why people say that first impressions are important. For a company, this is the name of the firm and its logo. The logo is usually placed where people can easily notice it – such as at the top left of the website. The logo is surely the symbol that contains the company philosophy and illustrates the future target and goals of the company.

Support your global business

So why don’t we think and work together to come up with a suitable design for your company for the start of a new business or the introduction of new products and services!

We strive to achieve the following when we design:
1. A design that can be recognized by anyone.
2. A design that can convey what your company is about.
3. A design that is ordermade and original for your company.

We are ready to work closely with you to visialize your ideas with global minded eyes and experienced design skills. As we are native Japanese, we can support you with both language and design in selling your products in Japan. Please ask us about what is necessary when creating a website or localizing your products for the Japanese market.

Logo Design
Web Design
Namecard Print
Japanese localization

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