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Creative Lab is a notebook of Toshi, the designer of TMCreation where he writes his thought or introduces his graphic design or illustrations.

Where do I go next?
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It’s been quite a long time to create something for my own design project by making time on busy day. Initially my intention was just to create an […]

Simple is the best!
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A new logo is ready to present! This logo mark highlights the new identity of Tokyo portraying popular Bay Area (starting from Asakusa) which, in recent years, has […]

Design and Copy writing
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This illustration was created around the year in 2004 when we were starting to use the business name, TMCreation. It was recently rediscovered when organizing old data inside the […]

icon design
High Resolution Portable Music Icon

The Portable Music Icon is the one of the icons inside the icon package named “AQUA BIZ” which was presented by TMCreation in 2009. This image is the […]

Cross Impress
Cross Impress
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“Cross Impress”! It’s a really good name isn’t it? This logo mark was designed using my free time and it is for a fictitious company. Deciding the name was […]


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