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Hi – I’m Toshihiro Maruyama, the owner and the designer of TMCreation. Thank you for visiting my profile page!
At TMCreation, I have been responsible for all the customer designs. Here I will introduce myself and my painting “Fantasy Planet”.


I was born in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan. My parents ran a business, so I was brought up looking over their shoulders while they worked hard as business persons.
I went to a private junior high school and high school thanks to them. In those days, I really liked to study and I used to be called “gariben”, which in Japanese means someone who only studies but nothing else. My after school club activities were judo and swimming. Judo was the main activities that I did for 7 years and I hold a black belt in it. When I was in high school, I was able to go to the Tokyo regional competition. Those are very good memories. My major at university was law.

designerAfter graduating from university I worked as a sales person in a company that sold office furniture. I visited most of the companies in the tall buildings you can find in “Shinjuku, Shibuya and Chiyoda-ku” which are the central parts of Tokyo. The number of the companies I visited was over 2,000 a year. I then realized how interesting it was to see and talk to clients face to face as a sales person. At the same time, I thought that I wanted to sell something that is not ready made but custom made. I thought that perhaps in the future I wanted to sell products or services that were based on my ideas. I decided to go overseas to begin chasing my dream, which was to study English and design. I chose Perth in Western Australia and studied there for nearly 3 years. After completing my study, I went back to Japan, working in marketing and design for a few years before focusing solely on TMCreation in 2007.

At TMCreation, I have been consistently working to create corporate identities from the beginning. I made the most out of my work experience in sales and marketing to offer a consistency in design which is strongly connected to the philosophy of the company and based on their marketing strategies.

From December 2008, I moved my office from Tokyo to Australia and have been successfully working for clients in both Japan and Australia as a web designer and graphic artist. I always strive to offer creative design services which are well blended with the latest IT technologies and design trends that have an international feel.

Hobby: Painting, Swimming, Scuba diving, Cycling
Daily: Going to the gym in the morning
Nick name: Toshi
Favorite food: Ramen (Japanese noodles) – I cannot live without it! Korean style BBQ, Sushi, Hot pot, snack.
Favorite music: Ambient, Jazz, Classic guitar, Classical music
Recent addiction:Backing new ideas on crowdfunding

“Fantasy Planet” – My paintings

Fantasy Planet is a series of paintings that depict the world of my dream. I have always liked drawing since I was a child. One day when I was a uni student, I suddenly thought  “I want to paint something which has a title and theme”. Then I went out to buy professional painting goods to start serious painting. That was the start of  “Fantasy Planet”. There is always myself in the painting because it is my dream world. Try to find the other people or little creatures in the fantasy planet! I hope you enjoy my paintings.

fantasy planet

Fantasy Planet - The memory of a journey

I still remember that I used to be in that planet but at the same time, I sometimes think that It could have been in my dreams....

fantasy planet

On the left is the entrance to the forest. From there I could go to the hiding place in the forest.

I arrived at the entrance to the city after being in the forest and what I saw was beyond my wildest dreams... The only thing I could do was stand in awe, fascinated by all this amazing architecture. Such a beautiful scene, the melding of intricate buildings with the beauty of nature. The sign to the entrance of the city said "City of Cascade".

"City of Cascade" was received "Best of fantasy illustration" prize in the Japanese international illustration competition which was held in August 2006.

City of Cascade

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