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ロゴデザイン・Logo Design

We designed the logo for a gaming company which has developed a wide range of games for the Sony Playstation and smart phones. The theme of the design was the historical battle of Hannibal, “the Battle of Cannae”. Hannibal crossed the Alps and defeated the Romans in several famous battles, and the most significant one was the Battle of Cannae. The idea is that ultimately success comes down to leadership, and Hannibal was a strong leader.

What the client wanted in the logo design was to express the sense of “immersion” and “escapism” derived by playing games. The first step was to “draw a floating land”, that floats above the world, and later this floating land became 4 sharp edged elements to illustrate the cutting edge technology that the company offers. Then it was transformed into the shape of a game controller (direction controller). Also, if looking from above at the mark, the design gives the idea of a shield or the armor of a warrior.

Design Keywords were follows: Escapism, Eternity, Hope, Dynamic, Modern, Simple, Responsibility, Achievement, Strength, Fantasy, Commitment

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