Cargo Tracking System Development

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System Development

V-SYSTEM UIThis cargo tracking system was finally completed after an 8 month development period. The purpose of this system is to manage the status of each cargo item by using an associated unique order number that goes with a cargo ship exporting & importing in the Asian region. The tracking is available from the point of being in the factory, while being sent to storage, during loading at the departure port, while at sea, to the arrival of each item at the destination port. The whole process can be previewed in 1 horizontal time line.

V-SYSTEM UIWhen developing this kind of system that is specific to a particular industry, a lot of study related to the field is required to understand the industry before actually even starting planning of the fundamental structure of the system. This time, we had to learn about cargo forwarding as well as general trading practices. For this reason, it is necessary for customer to educate us. With that process we have a better understanding of what the customer is intending to create, so that we not only create what we are asked, but we as design specialists, can also present the best solution from a different view point to fulfill the aim of the finished product.

V-SYSTEM UIWe strongly believe that by going through this sort of development process, we clarify what is vital and what is not, and eventually it can show us the shape of a better system without having to waste time & money in the long run.

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