Character Design “Lead-kun”

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Character Design

“We want to create a company image-character that is loved by all our employees and clients!” said the board member of the company Leadoff Net. After 2 months coming up with many sketches for it, it was finally done! The name of the newly born character is “LEAD-KUN”. The design concept of the character is “Passion (like frame)”, “Faith” and “Strength”. By using the color red, which is based on the corporate image, it symbolizes the company itself is offering the highest quality service to their clients. LEAD-KUN is playing his role in many different business opportunities that company is involved in.

At the same time, the renewal of their website was conducted as well. In the new website, there are a lot of chances for the viewer to see LEAD-KUN. The concept for the new site follows the design brief of a simple, easy, straight-like and powerful image. Also, using the color red was an important aspect in order to emphasis the corporate image. The client wanted to be able to easily update the site, and so the contents of each employees comments section in the VOICE page are easily controlled with HTML.

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