Event goods design for Buddhist organization

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Event Logo Design

For a center of Buddhism in Western Australia, we designed event goods such as T-shirts, a key holder and bookmarks, for the opening event of the building promoting peace, culture and education. we expressed the concept of the lotus flower, the symbol of Buddhism, by illustrating a human leaping out of lotus flower. As you know, the lotus flower blooms on a dirty pond, however It is said that the dirtier the pond, the more beautiful the flowers and the deeper the root, more beautiful the flower.

As a secondary symbol mark, we illustrated a scene in which Australian animals and people are holding hands and dancing to express “promoting a peaceful world”.

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TMCreation is a design studio run by Toshihiro Maruyama specializing in creating corporate identities. Toshihiro focuses on the visualization of conceptual ideas and is also a front-end web designer & developer with a background in sales and marketing. Currently he lives in the Gold Coast QLD in Australia and successfully works with clients both in Japan and Australia.

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