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Product Label

We designed a logo, label, brochure and website for a new pet product for a client who was responsible for the corporate branding. The product is a water for pets named “Pet Water, AQUA”. As the target audience is mainly dog owners, we expressed “cuteness, softness and healing” in the design by drawing a water surface going through each letter of AQUA. The characters “A, A” represent the ears of a dog.

Product Concept: “Although your pets don’t speak human words, you are the best friend for them, with their facial expression, attitude and behavior, they are always expressing happiness, anger and sadness which are sometimes more obvious than how human being expresses. Your pets are not just an animal but a partner for your life in many ways. Be healthy together with your pets!”

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TMCreation is a design studio run by Toshihiro Maruyama specializing in creating corporate identities. Toshihiro focuses on the visualization of conceptual ideas and is also a front-end web designer & developer with a background in sales and marketing. Currently he lives in the Gold Coast QLD in Australia and successfully works with clients both in Japan and Australia.

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