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Mebiol Inc. has been providing solutions to the environmental issues and the food problems our planet faces by their world leading forefront agricultural technology. Their revolutionizing invention of agricultural solution has drawn many attention and been featured on TV, newspapers and magazines all over the world. We were responsible for renewing their corporate brand image which the company had acquired many years.

Page DesignWe worked closely with the client and successfully rebuilt a new website, recreated business cards and brochure with the new logo we designed.

The newly born multi-lingual (English & Japanese) website is powered by WordPress. With WordPress, clients who don’t have base knowledge of HTML coding (language that uses in the internet) can easily manage their contents to run the website.

wordpressTMCreation welcomes opportunities to customize the design and functionality of the websites powered by WordPress. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of building a new website or those who already run websites but wants to renew. It is a good time to consider introducing WordPress.

Customer’s Testimonial

Thank you for designing our nice new logo mark which straight forward conveys our expertise and business fields. Also we thank you for creating our website that is attractive and very user-friendly. We could count on TMCreation. Working with Toshi gave us peace of mind because he explains where we are at & what we are doing in detail such as working process and schedule. It is extremely helpful when you are new to the area. We are pleased to work with him again in the future.
Mori – President of Mebiol Inc.

About Author & Designer

TMCreation is a design studio run by Toshihiro Maruyama specializing in creating corporate identities. Toshihiro focuses on the visualization of conceptual ideas and is also a front-end web designer & developer with a background in sales and marketing. Currently he lives in the Gold Coast QLD in Australia and successfully works with clients both in Japan and Australia.

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